Buying a Domain is Simple and
   Safe using Sedo Escrow Services.
Go to to register and begin the free and secure domain purchase transaction.
Once you have your new Sedo account, please email Sedo and include the information
shown below in Step 3 and Step 4.  Their Sedo escrow address is:
Tell Sedo the Domain Name you wish to buy and the firm sales price we have listed.
 Include in your message our Sedo account name as the seller:  DotDepot
Be sure to state "the seller will pay"all escrow fees so there are NO other charges.
The escrow and transfer fees are already included in the full ownership price.
Also give them our Sedo account email address:
Sedo has been around since the late 90's and is well respected being the largest marketplace for
domains in the world.
 Buyers can be certain of acquiring ownership of their new domain quickly
and easily.
 Sedo conveniently accepts PayPal, Visa & Mastercard, and Bank Wire transfers.
You pay Sedo directly.  On verification of the funds, Sedo takes over ownership of the domain.  
Sedo then finalizes the transaction by transferring the domain to a Registrar of your choosing.
Once you have submitted to Sedo the information in the above steps, a Sedo
transfer agent will then contact both of us
.  Finalizing the process with a
smooth transfer of your new domain to a registrar of your choice.
If you have any questions please contact us at

Sedo Escrow and Transfer Services deliver maximum security.
They are
certified members of BBB and TRUSTe.